TimothyMy Fiance Tim and I started dating in 2010. For a few months things went really great until he started to complain of soreness in his joints and always being tired. On August 19, 2012 he started to lose his vision and went to the hospital only to be diagnosed with end stage renal disease. He was on dialysis and needed a kidney transplant. His Uncle Kenny decided to be a true hero and donate the kidney and on April 3, 2012 he received his transplant. This did not stop the constant throwing up and headaches. He always complained that there was a whooshing noise in his head that wouldn't go away. We went to over 100 different doctors and all of us were told that it was part of the kidney transplant and not to worry that over time it will subside. Almost a year to the day on August 06, 2012 he started to lose his vision again. The emergency room finally listened and gave him a CT scan of his brain which showed a brain stem tumor blocking the fourth ventricle causing fluid build up in his brain. That is where we met Dr. Michael Diluna who took on the major challenge of operating on a 33 year old man with no immune system to try to save his life. Pathology showed that this was a grade one astrocytoma located on the brain stem. It was removed successfully but he suffered from a major brain infection which caused him to be in the hospital for almost 2 months and rehab for 2 months to learn how to walk and talk again. August 09, 2013 was his one year brain tumor free celebration and if it wasn't for Dr. Michael Diluna of Yale New Haven Hospital Tim would not be here today restoring a sports car and enjoying life to the fullest everyday. We are planning out wedding September 2014!

- Submitted by Jacqualyn Bianchi

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