This actually isn't my story it's about my mother, a 2-year survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme. She was diagnosed in May of 2007 on my parent's 31st wedding anniversery. She had her first surgery in June of 2007 followed by several smaller surgeries under the Cyber knife at St. Rapheals hospital and many Chemo treatments at home. She has lost a portion of her long-term memory, sometimes she can't even remember our names. Her short-term memory has also diminished, so she repaeats herself or asks a lot of questions. over and over. As a family we struggle with it everyday but then we realize, good or bad, these are the best times. Her team at the hospital said she is a miracle because this type of cancer is terminal and she was stage 4 when they removed the tumor. It has come back every year since then but still she finds the strength to keep going. I look up to her as a role model and heard about this site on the radio and decided to share her story as one of hope and courage. I hope this will be useful, you are doing a wonderful thing. Thank you.

- Submitted by Kathrine Butterfield

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