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Brain Tumor Facts

Today, approximately 700,000 Americans are living with a primary brain tumor. An estimated 84,170 people will be diagnosed this year and 18,600 will die — men, women, and children of all races and ethnicities. Brain tumors do not discriminate.

Of those diagnosed, approximately

  • 70% are benign; Meningioma is the most common form, accounting for
    • 38% of all tumors
    • 54.5% of all benign tumors
  • 30% are malignant; Glioblastoma is the most common form, accounting for
    • 14.5% of all tumors
    • 48.6 of all malignant tumors

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children ages 0-14

  • 6% of all brain tumors occur in children

In Connecticut, data shows a rising trend of brain tumor incidence. That’s why CTBTA is committed to making our state a premiere center for brain tumor research and treatment.

For more brain tumor facts, see the National Brain Tumor Society and StateCancerProfiles.cancer.gov.

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