Lois is a woman of honor, good faith and unconditional love...a strong example for family and all around a mentor and a leader. She has been a part our lives for many precious years and many more to come!! She has just been recently diagnosed with a sudden brain tumor. She is in great hands with the most amazing surgeons, as she is currently at Johns Hopkins University hospital, going into surgery tomorrow early afternoon. We have the utmost faith, as she is a very strong woman that will overcome this surgery with the best spirits we all positively live by. Most of all she will defeat this disease that frustrates the reality of lives ever so much. Please all join me in the prayers and strong influences you may have in your faith to overcome this awful disease with Lo.

Lo is one of the most amazing, positive women that I have been so blessed to have in my life.. I say all this with the support of my sister, Jennifer Pace as I would never be so hopeful and confident that Lo can beat this without my sister, her support for Lo and the amazing story of the fight against brain cancer Jennifer has fought... More importantly the courage to be healthy and live life to enjoy all her family and loved ones around her.. She (Lo) reminds me of Jennifer and I know the both of them will fight through this forever as long as we all can exist together!!

Aunt Lo, I have so much confidence that you will beat this, truly.. Be that strong women we all know you are, we are all here for you.

All our love and prayers to you Aunt Lo, the Butler and Penrose families. Tomorrow will be a great day!!

Love Always,

The Norton's

- Submitted by Jill Norton

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