Georgia is my cousin through marriage she is 50 yrs old and as had a few surgeries do to neck surgery and then knee surgery. After receiving anesthesia for the knee surgery she had serve headaches, after 2 attempts to the local hospital here in Poughkeepsie NY she was sent home saying maybe she was dehydrated. She ended up going to a neurologist who ordered a Brain MRI and within 12 hrs of the MRI she received a call from the Dr. and went to the office for her results, the Dr. explained that the Tumor was the size of a grapfruit and that it was a glioblastoma and told her she had only 1 yr to live. After receiving this devasting news she went to NYC to a hospital to see and neurologist and they did a biopsy can it came back as a grade 2 astrocyetoma, en operable, it is a slow growing low grade tumor. We have bee waiting for answers from these doctors since December of 2010 and still have nothing to go on, as of treatment. We have so many questions and cant seem to find anyone or group to help prolong her life. The last appointment was she was told it may now be a grade 3 and will start radiation. Can you please give us so information or someone possibly a survivor of this form of tumor so Georgia can try to get on with some sort of normal life. I being a Breast Cancer survivor of 8 years makes it easier for her to talk to, I know how it feels to wait for the most important call of your life, is the UNKNOWN.

Karen Maneri

Georgia is still with us as of today

- Submitted by Karen

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