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“I was in the darkest part of my journey and the first thing they said was, ‘Dawn, we’re here for you” and they’ve been with me every single step of the way.”

— Dawn Brenner, Caregiver
“Our family was hit with not only one brain cancer diagnosis, but two, all within a one year period.  Chris and the CTBTA were there for Dan when he was initially diagnosed, and immediated stepped in and said 'what can we do to help?' when Evan received his news one year later.  Any time we had questions, needed advice on where to go for help or just needed someone to listen, Chris was there.  Whether or not he likes it, Chris and the CTBTA are forever a part of our lives now and we only hope we can pay back the kindness and support that were shown over the last 3 years." 
— Elisha Millerd Lewis and Caitlin Hill

We can be a light in the darkness. Connect with us by phone, email, or the form below and we’ll respond quickly.

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