CTBTA Grants Its Largest Amount Ever

Coming off the heels of $180,000 granted in 2023, the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance (CTBTA) is granting $185,000 to the five Connecticut hospitals where brain tumor surgery is performed and patient support is provided, as well as to Healing Meals to support an earmarked fund solely for the benefit of brain tumor patients and their families.  This is now the most the CTBTA has ever donated in one year.

This year’s donations, which will begin next week and continue through July, are as follows:

·       Hartford Healthcare—$40,000
·       Yale-New Haven Health—$70,000
·       Saint Francis Hospital--$25,000
·       Connecticut Children’s Medical Center—$30,000
·       UConn Health--$10,000
·       Healing Meals Community Project —$10,000     

Since the CTBTA began raising money to aid hospitals in research and patient support in 2008, it has raised and donated more than $1.8 million.

CTBTA CEO, Chris Cusano, said “As we embark upon our seventeenth year in existence, I am proud, grateful and honored that the CTBTA can make these donations in support of our partner hospitals, thanks to all our donors and sponsors.  With these funds, hospitals can continue to advance treatments to make this journey better every day, provide educational support to the next generation of neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists and provide financial support to families in need.  Additionally, now in its second year, through a partnership with Healing Meals Community Project, and in loving memory of one of our founding members, the Tracey Gamer-Fanning CTBTA Healing Meals Patient Assistance Funds are available to provide healthy, nutritious meals to brain tumor patients and their families at no cost.  At the CTBTA, we proudly embrace all brain tumor patients and their families, and also work with several brain injury patients, so that all have a place to turn for support, hope and information. We were formed to provide direct support to patients and families dealing with these difficult times, and to fund Connecticut-based research that we are confident will one day lead to a cure.​​​​​​

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