Path of Hope on WTNH Channel 8

Tracey Gamer-Fanning and Kimberly Roy-Canning visit the studios of Channel 8/WNTH early on Sunday 9/27 to discuss brain tumor awareness and the upcoming Path of Hope happening in Madison this coming October 4th. 



Broca's Area First Music Video

Broca's Area, one of Connecticut's most creative bands and quickly growing famous past our Nutmeg borders, have been fantastic friends and supporters of the CTBTA for some time. One of their members, Steve Cusano, is the brother of our own, Chris Cusano. The band, with friends, family and other famous names, raised over $13,000 at their " Brainstormin' " in Hamden, CT for the Yale Brain Tumor Center. We decided to return a little of the favor by posting and promoting their new (and first) video here - called "That Way". Watch and enjoy!

Divide and Multiply...

The CTBTA takes a pie in the face for Childrens Cancer with our friends from the Saint Francis Foundation and Divide and Multiply their message that no one is alone with the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance!


For the Record

Executive Director, Kimberly Roy-Canning discuss the CTBTA with WTNH Channel 8 Reporter Stephanie Simoni and promote the upcoming "Path of Hope!"

For the Record

CTBTA President Emeritus, Tracey Gamer-Fanning and Executive Director, Kimberly Roy-Canning discuss the CTBTA mission on For the Record.

Connecticut Children's Medical Center Roar Music Video

Help CTBTA friend, 10 year old Morgan Platt, ROAR when the video she made to bring awareness about brain tumors and childhood cancers, goes viral!

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