I am the sister of Julie Loftus, who lost her fight with brain cancer on August 31, 2009. Julie was diagnosed in January of 2008 with what they thought was a slow growing tumor. We were very hopeful. She underwent a biopsy and craniotomy on Feb. 14, 2008, and then had a recovery period of about 4 months of which she needed much help. We continued to be hopeful as the tumor remained stable. But in April of 2009 there were changes on her MRI and another biopsy was recommended. The tumor had grown and chemotherapy was begun. The following month there was another large growth and another biopsy was done revealing that we were now dealing with a glioblastoma. We remained hopeful and prayed for a miracle. Julie then underwent extensive chemotherapy and radiation, but her condition worsened finally taking her life on 8/31/09. Julie required extensive caregiving, of which her family and I provided along with outside help. Her care was 24/7 as she could not be left alone at anytime. The reason we support the Brian Tumor Alliance is because we know that is what Julie would have wanted. She got much help and support from Tracy and Susan during her illness and was very grateful. This is a nasty illness and needs to be rid of. We will continue to support this organization in Julie's memory.

- Submitted by Diane Kennedy

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