Tracey’s interview with Hartford Hospital

Posted by Tracey Fanning on April 18, 2019

Tracey Gamer-Fanning was interviewed by Hartford Hospital in 2007 – it was right at the beginning of her journey. She was diagnosed in September of 2006 after her initial Grand [&helli…

A day & night dedicated to Tracey – May 4th

Posted by Tracey Fanning on March 1, 2019

Tracey has a lot of friends, a lot. Some of them, among the many, decided to do a big “Night of Hope” in honor of Tracey and all she did […]

Tracey Gamer-Fanning-Shimer Obituary

Posted by Tracey Fanning on October 29, 2018

This was written by Tracey herself… Tracey Gamer-Fanning-Shimer lived an unbelievable life! How do I know this? Because I am Tracey and I am writing this before I pass. My […]

John McCain and my 12 year Brainniversary!

Posted by Tracey Fanning on September 4, 2018

Today is my 12 year Brainniversary and its been an emotional week. After watching all of the memorials for an amazing man, father, hero, fighter, survivor/thriver, Brain Cancer patient U.S. …

My words are sharp… and they are mine.

Posted by Tracey Fanning on January 10, 2018

  Well…. this Lomustine story has just taken on a life of its own. I can’t thank all the hundreds of people who shared my words across social media. I’m […]