The Good Grief Group

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The Good Grief Group is dedicated to those who have lost their husband, wife, or partner to a brain tumor. 

It was created by two caregivers who lost their own spouse to this disease and who shared with us that widows and widowers often feel isolated, grappling with a pain and its associated issues that most people will never understand. 

The group's founders note that facing the unique challenges of having a loved one diagnosed with and then lost to brain tumor can deepen these feelings:  "Your world has tilted on its axis.  While you may have a strong support-network of family and friends, leaning on those who having endured the trials of caring for a loved one with a brain tumor and who hold a certain level of understanding that others cannot, can help you feel less alone and allow you to move forward."

The Good Grief Group plans to host quarterly gatherings, open to any widow or widower in Connecticut who has lost his/her partner to a brain tumor, in a setting that is decidedly not like that of a typical support group. They may occasionally feature special guest speakers and/or the assistance of a grief specialist to help guide and facilitate our discussions.

If you have lost a spouse or partner to brain tumor, you are welcome to join us at the Good Grief Group, with the hope that we can focus on supporting one another, learning to laugh again together and to navigate life after loss.  Additionally, if you have navigated this path yourself and have something to share with others to help them emerge stronger from this journey, please join us.

Thank you for joining us on October 29th for our Good Grief Group gathering.  Please check back for an announcement on the next scheduled meeting.  

Recently diagnosed with a brain tumor? Have questions or need support? Contact us today.