Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance Board Members

We began as individuals whose lives were changed forever by the five words, "You have a brain tumor."

Our Mission:  The Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance, Inc. ("CTBTA") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and support to brain tumor patients and caregivers, while advancing brain tumor awareness, quality of care, and brain tumor research. 

We are survivors and caregivers who are committed to offering support and education to brain tumor survivors, their families, and friends and to advocating on their behalf. Through our own experiences, we are aware of the trauma and life-altering changes this disease can cause — and we are here to help.

Nearly 700,000 people in the United States alone are living with a primary brain and central nervous system tumor.1 Of this number, the National Cancer Institute reports that over 123,000 people were living with brain and other nervous system cancer as of 2014.2  From the estimated 80,000 new cases of primary brain tumors expected to be diagnosed in 2017, nearly 24,000 cases are expected to be malignant, and 53,000 cases are expected to be non-malignant or "benign" but with the potential to cause significant challenges as well.  The  National Cancer Institute estimates that 16,700 deaths will result from the disease in 2017.1, 2  

We believe there needs to be a focus on improving the quality of life for patients, survivors, and their families and on accelerating the discovery of new treatments and cures for this debilitating and often fatal disease.  We provide Patient Assistance Funds, Patient Outreach, support for brain tumor programs, and funding for brain tumor research, while advocating for improvements in care and treatment.  We hope that you will join us in our mission so that Connecticut will ultimately become a center of excellence for brain tumor care and a model of hope for brain tumor patients and caregivers everywhere, while we move together towards the cure.

1 Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States

National Cancer Institute

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