Advances in Research

Selected Advances in Research for Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers: The latest information from the National Cancer Institute as of 3/22/2013.

  • A large-scale study revealed an association between a gene mutation and abnormal telomeres in Central Nervous System tumors; understanding the mechanism that generates abnormal telomeres could reveal new therapeutic targets. Published June 2011. [PubMed Abstract]
  • Researchers uncovered the detailed underpinnings of a signaling pathway that appears to be important for glioma formation. Published October 2011. [PubMed Abstract]
  • Researchers identified a genetic abnormality that predicts which patients with oligodendroglioma, a rare form of brain cancer, benefit from chemotherapy plus radiotherapy. Reported January 2012.
  • A recent study of gliomas with a mutation in a metabolism gene points to a new avenue to explore as a potential treatment strategy for such tumors. Published February 2012. [PubMed Abstract]
  • See this PubMed list of selected free full-text journal articles on NCI-supported research relevant to brain and CNS cancer. You can also search PubMed for additional scientific articles.

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