CTBTA Working to Make Connecticut a Center of Excellence for Brain Tumor Care

|| July 17, 2018

The Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance has been featured in Hartford Hospital’s “Honor Roll of Donors 2017” publication. Since its inception in 2007, the CTBTA has donated over $1.7 million to support brain tumor research, raising awareness, and patient and caregiver outreach programs with $208,000 granted to Hartford Hospital for Patient Assistance Funds. Members of the brain tumor community often have financial hardship along with their diagnosis, and through the CTBTA’s Patient Assistance funds, they feel the support and hope for the future. These funds have helped patients and caregivers with rent, transportation, groceries, all to help them focus on the important fact of them getting the care they need without all the other stress.  For more information on the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance’s feature in this publication, click here.

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