Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance Supports Karin Mallory's "Divide and Multiply" Effort

|| March 16, 2015

The Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance ("CTBTA") is supporting Karin Mallory's effort to raise brain cancer awareness and funds for brain cancer research.  She created a "Divide and Multiply" campaign, featuring an online benefit concert, using the very process that enables cancer cells to grow -- to divide and multiply -- as the strategy for bringing brain cancer awareness to a global level.

Karin's father is a kind man who loves music and is a lifelong Connecticut resident.  He also happens to have a Glioblastoma.  Motivated by his brain cancer diagnosis, Karin has been working over the past eight months on a benefit concert featuring The Steel Wheels to stream live through Concert Window on March 28, 2015 from The Bellows Falls Opera House in Vermont.  As a Vermont resident, support swelled in Karin's community, on behalf of her friend and longtime Bellows Falls resident, Mark Green, who was also afflicted with brain cancer and who, sadly, just passed away at the end of February.  All of the proceeds from the concert will benefit Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure because, as Karin notes, "That is where Mark chose to work after being diagnosed with brain cancer several years ago."

Karin recognized that the CTBTA has its own fundraising efforts to help brain tumor patients and caregivers in Connecticut, but she reached out to us in February with the hope that we would help to promote her educational video on brain cancer, as well as the benefit concert.  We are proud to answer the call.  Although Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is a separate nonprofit organization, we have a similar mission in that both of us wish to find better treatments and to eradicate brain cancer.  The CTBTA embraced the opportunity to make our own "Divide and Multiply" video to help Karin raise awareness and to share our story at the same time because "We're all in this together."

To watch Karin's film, with an introduction by renowned filmmaker, Ken Burns, visit "Divide and Multiply:  A Brain Cancer Benefit Concert on Concert Window."

To read more about Karin Mallory's story and the formation of the benefit concert, read her essay, "Divide and Multiply...A Daughter's Love."

For a direct link to the Concert Window listing, visit The Steel Wheels Benefit Concert.



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