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Our mission:  Provide hope and support to brain tumor patients and caregivers, while advancing brain tumor awareness, quality of care, and brain tumor research.

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hope-hero.jpgThe Future of the CTBTA

The CTBTA has served the local brain tumor community for 10 years so that no one has to face this disease alone.  We simply couldn't do what we do without your support.

Be a partner in:

  • touching lives through our Patient and Caregiver Outreach, taking away the overwhelm, and giving hope to those who feel like they're in their darkest hour.
  • providing financial support for brain tumor patients and their families, connecting patients to the resources they need, advocating for patients, raising awareness, and funding new research that will make all of the difference.
  • achieving our vision to make Connecticut a center of excellence for brain tumor care, until together we are able to eradicate this disease.

Be the reason we'll be here tomorrow helping brain tumor patients and caregivers.

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Patient Assistance Funds

Every day, so many brain tumor patients and their families face the insurmountable weight of meeting necessary living expenses.  Help relieve the overwhelming burden of that financial stress so that the focus can be on care and recovery and not on how to make ends meet.
Helping children:  In the last year alone, fourteen families at Connecticut Children's Medical Center with a child diagnosed with brain tumor received critical financial support from the CTBTA, including help for:

  • a single mom whose son needed a special kind of radiation available only in Boston and hospitalization there for 6 weeks; she couldn't pay for lodging to be with him, so the CTBTA did.
  • a family struggling to pay their rent while caring for their sick child and at risk of becoming homeless.  The CTBTA paid for their rent until they were back on their feet and out of their housing crisis.
  • a family who faced the inconceivable loss of their child to brain cancer, with the unbearable thought of not being able to afford a proper funeral.  The CTBTA provided resources towards the child's funeral, allowing the family to say farewell to their child in a meaningful way.

Helping adults:  In 2017, twenty-seven adult patients around the state at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, and St. Vincent's Medical Center, with plans to bring the program to Yale, received critical financial support from the CTBTA in 2017, including for:

  • those who couldn't afford transportation to treatment, or the taxi or car repair to attend a support group.  The CTBTA gave them the funds to get them there. 
  • the many brain tumor patients who experienced a wide variety of debilitating side effects that negatively impacted their ability to work and put them in financial distress.  The CTBTA stepped in to pay expenses like the rent/mortgage, electric bill, gas bill, water bill, groceries, the costs of a quality wig, and home care.
      • Like for Ryan, who had a rapidly progressing brain tumor.  His wife had to work full-time to support the family, and their 11-year-old son, Brian, needed time just to be a boy.  The CTBTA gave the family a gift of a week at 4-H camp for Brian, a new easy-up recliner to make mobility easier for Ryan, and a daily companion to help with Ryan's care and to ease his wife's worry.

Make your gift to ease the burden.

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Brain Tumor Research 

The CTBTA supports pediatric and adult brain tumor research right here in Connecticut in memory of the loved ones for whom we wish there had been a cure and with the hope that the cure will come soon for all of the survivors and newly diagnosed patients living with a brain tumor.

Thanks to CTBTA funding:

  • The Yale Brain Tumor Center database, with over 14 years of key data on thousands of brain tumor patients, enables scientists to perform critical analysis on the common denominators and variations in patients, allows Yale to offer cutting-edge clinical trials and control quality of care, and provides a wealth of knowledge at researchers’ fingertips, giving them the basis for finding the causes of brain tumor and a cure.
  • Dr. Nicholas Blondin of St. Vincent's Brain Tumor Center advanced the study of glioblastoma, finding the presence of human cytomegalovirus proteins (IE1 and pp65) in 30% of his GBM patients studied and some variable expressions of CMV not previously reported in research literature, warranting further study.
  • Dr. Henry Smilowitz of UCONN Health demonstrated that the use of gold nanoparticles and a newer generation of nanoparticles greatly improves radiation therapy in advanced brain tumors like glioblastoma.  The nanoparticles increased precise targeting of tumor cells, left healthy brain tissue unharmed, and delivered a higher potency of radiation to the tumor itself and associated cells, increasing life expectancy 2-3 times in the laboratory.  Next step:  bringing these exciting test results to the FDA for approval for clinical trial.
  • Neurosurgeon and researcher, Dr. Markus Bookland is conducting groundbreaking research with micro-RNA markers at Connecticut Children's.   The goal:  detecting tumors at their very earliest stage, with a potential blood test at the one-year pediatric exam, to allow doctors to treat these tumors before they invade critical nerves and the brain.  To improve treatment for kids with brain tumors.  To save kids' lives.

Fund a discovery for the cure and develop effective treatments faster. 

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Brain Tumor Program Support  

The CTBTA, with your generosity, has been changing the experience for brain tumor patients and caregivers from diagnosis through treatment.  As patients and caregivers ourselves, we aim to provide what brain tumor patients and families need most.

  • Help from a Nurse Navigator trained to support brain tumor patients and families from the moment of diagnosis. 
  • CinemaVision goggles so that a little girl can watch a video during her MRI and avoid anesthesia. 
  • Specialized medical equipment to improve diagnosis, surgery, and other treatment options, as well as the comfort of the patient undergoing these procedures.
  • Guidance for medical professionals on the brain tumor patient and caregiver experience and the tools to make that easier.   

Help change the experience for brain tumor patients and caregivers.

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Thank you for your generosity and support.  Your gift matters.

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