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First 3 cycles of Irinotecan

Posted by Candice on April 23rd

After my last MRI, it was recommended that I change my chemo from Lomustine (an oral chemo) to Irinotecan (an IV chemo). The nice thing is that I can do the Irinotecan on the same days as Av…

The MRI: Lomustine vs. Casper

Posted by Candice on March 6th

I’m imagining this: A boxing match, with Lomustine and Casper in opposite corners of the ring. And my neuro-oncologist is the referee. The first 2 rounds go by with both contender…

Naming my Tumor

Posted by Candice on March 2nd

I’ve thought about naming my tumor for a long time. For a while, I was thinking about calling it “monster.” After all, that’s exactly what it is! Then I could ta…

Let The Music Do The Talking

Posted by Candice on February 21st

Originally posted on Grey Matters: With everything now behind me, I can now look forward to everything else in store for 2015.  And today, I wish to share with you the early details for…

Wait? It’s already been over 2 months?

Posted by Candice on February 4th

Wow. Time can sure fly by when you start a new chemo… Well, I had an MRI in December and saw my neuro-oncologist right after. He said that he “didn’t like the way the tumo…