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Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Posted by Chris Cusano on December 11, 2020

Since the day of my diagnosis, I have faced my share of adversity and many ups and downs.  Along with my family and friends, one of the few constants however, has been my neurosurgeon a…

Thank You For Being a Friend

Posted by Chris Cusano on October 1, 2020

#2020.  Aside from 2008, this year has been the pits.  The struggles and difficulties all of us have faced continue to be a burden and we’re all hurting, so let’s …

The Show Must Go On

Posted by Chris Cusano on July 2, 2020

Dear Family and Friends, I hope that you and your family members are safe and well during this difficult time in our lives.  Navigating the year so far has been difficult, but the uncer…

I’ll Be There For You

Posted by Chris Cusano on March 29, 2020

The minutes have blended into hours, the hours into days, and the days into months.  The end of 2019 was a blur and so far, the start of 2020 has been difficult. During these unpreceden…

Blessing in Disguise

Posted by Chris Cusano on September 23, 2019

“It’s the scars that make you stronger, It’s the hard times that make you wise, It’s the sweet things only time brings, That arrive like a blessing in disguise.&rdquo…

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