Brain Tumor Blogs

Benjamin Freeman's "Living Proof" Trail Journal

Well....I'm a married father of three sons. 2014 was a hell of year. My career in juvenile corrections ended prematurely due to Brain cancer diagnosis followed my surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I was granted a disability retirement and my dream to hike thru hike the AT quickly changed from 2020 to 2015! My outlook on everything is different now. There is no assuming that there will be a tomorrow, so I am always grateful for today. That's it, in a very small nutshell!


Tracey Gamer-Fanning's blog for all things BT!

Grey Matters

Chris Cusano's blog about his journey as a Brain Tumor patient.

My Life* | *with Brain Cancer

I'm a 31-year-old brain cancer patient & advocate, avid animal lover, and Android fanatic...keeping a positive outlook on life.

The Right Side of Perfect

Aisha Khan's journey as a caretaker, clinician, and brain tumor survivor/advocate.


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