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How the CTBTA's Family Assistance Fund has Assisted the Patients at Connecticut Children's and their Families:

  • In October, the Fund assisted the family of a 5yr old boy with a brain tumor who now must use a wheelchair. The family needed to purchase a van with a lift as they could no longer transport him and the wheelchair in their vehicle. The family was able to purchase a van but needed assistance to get a lift. The Fund provided monies to the family to put a lift into the van.
  • In October, the Fund helped keep an 8yr old girl with a brain tumor and her family warm during the chilly month. The mom had to leave her job to tend to her daughter's medical needs, putting a financial strain on the family's resources. Monies from the Fund were used to fill their home oil tank.
  • In August, the Fund allowed the mom of a 3yr old boy with a brain tumor who is on palliative care to take time off of work so she could be with her son. It is not known if the chemo is going to cure him, but mom has been able to spend quality time making memories. Monies from the Fund paid her rent.
  • In August, the Fund helped a 6yr old girl with a brain tumor and her family who were struggling with her daughter's medical bills and house bills. A single mom, she was struggling to make ends meet. The Fund paid for her gas bill.