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Kids sell paper ribbons and soda to help support the CTBTA

Lacey and Lars
They may be small in stature but their generosity is enormous. Siblings Lacey and Lars from Monticello, MN have been raising money for the CTBTA by selling homemade ribbons and soda. The following is the letter they sent in along with their donation.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to let you know that our kids have been raising money for your cause.

Our son Lars is six years old and our daughter Lacey is seven years old.

Our daughter came up with the idea to raise money for your cause last summer and started out by giving out homemade paper ribbons in return for a donation.

Our family owns a store by the name of "B.L. Thrift Store" in Monticello, MN. So we now have the kids selling soda at the store for .50 cents to help support your cause!

Please accept the kids' donation of $31.00 that they have raised in one month for your organization.

We look forward to sending you more money in the months to come.

If you possible have any posters or information that you could send us, that would be GREAT!

We also hope you enjoy the enclosed picture of Lacey and Lars!

Be blessed,

Robert, Lindsay, Lacey and Lars